Signature Programs

Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye is a national mentoring organization for students with learning disabilities. Our High School students apply to be mentors and are paired with Lower and Middle School students (mentees). The goal of the program is to develop robust social and emotional skills, create supportive environments, cultivate advocacy and leadership skills, and provide a path out of stigma and self-doubt.
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Senior Project

The Sterne senior project, called "Passages" is a project based on student interests, strengths, and career path interest. The seniors work on a Passages project throughout their senior year and give a formal presentation in the Spring. Some examples include: event planning internship; researching and building an art portfolio; and creating and teaching an elementary school debate curriculum.
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Prep Week

Prep Week aims to ensure each student is on track to reach their version of greatness by arming them with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to find success at Sterne, in college, and beyond. This is a time for assessment, reflection, and planning, with intensive support from teachers and our college counseling department. Prep Week fosters a culture of informed and empowered students who are highly engaged in their high school experience. 
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Visiting Artist Series

Our Arts department hosts several art performances throughout the year. Past performances have included:

  • Vanessa Sanchez y La Mezcla, a San Francisco dance and music ensemble
  • Oakland-based MJ's Brass Boppers, a New Orleans jazz ensemble
  • An Indigenous People's ceremonial dance artist
  • An African-American storyteller
  • Special makeup FX artist Gabe Bartalos

Strengths and Leadership Program

This program offers our talented faculty and staff the opportunity, with support from Sterne, to pursue passion projects related to our school's mission. Many of these projects have resulted in new and impactful programs:

  • Eye to Eye chapter at Sterne - a project initiated by former teacher Zoila Lara-Cea
  • Girls on the Run chapter at Sterne - organized by Diana Garcia